This script enables fast and easy grab animation such as characters picking up or dropping things. All the time-consuming steps involved in animating grabs such as assigning and keyframing constraints are handled by the script.
In addition extra care has been devoted to make the script work in a referenced environment and with non-unique node names. The script also supports multiple grabbers and slaves among other things.

Key Features:
  • ease of use
    • one-click button operation for grabbing, releasing, and updating of objects
    • user can store current master and slave permanently with the scene. No need to select anything anymore, just use the buttons!
    • all script and ui settings are automatically restored

  • robustness
    • supports any number of grabbers and slaves
    • script does not dependant on node names at all (operates by tracing connections on custom attributes)
    • supports referenced scenes
    • supports non-unique nodes names
Name: mz_Grab
Description: grab animation script
Tested on: Maya 5.0 / 5.01 running WinXP (should run on other platforms and versions of Maya)
Script Version: 1.1 ( last update: Aug. 27th 2004 )
Download Here