Aug 26th `08 Small site update. Demo reel and CV downloads are request only now. Added Linkedin profile link.
Sept 19th `06 mz_RainSetup, the tool I developed to animate rain effects for the short film Annie and Boo has been finally made available for download in the tools section
Aug 26th `05 I had a couple of days off and found out London VFX company's secrets to making great VFX ... London weather I tell you. It so sucks it's unbelievable! I figured I might as well use of the bad weather so I did a big update on my gallery section that I have been neglecting lately. There's *loads* of new projects in there - with quite a few making-of bits. Hope you enjoy it!
Aug 22nd `05 "Tick Animation 1", a scientific animation piece I created (and directed!) with a couple of my mates back at Filmakademie was accepted to Siggraph 2005. It was screened as part of the Computer Animation Festival in the animation theater. Champagne anyone? ;)
May 22nd `05 In January I accepted a Technical Director position with Framestore-CFC in London to work on Tim Burton's "Charly and the Chocolate Factory". As you can imagine it's been a real blast! :)
I am actually trying to make a bit of time though to update my little website here. There a whole range of projects I have been involved with that are nowhere to be found here yet.
Stay tuned.
Oct. 25th `04 My new rigging reel is finally finished!!! I'm quite proud of it and hope you like it, too! You can download it from my demo reel section or grab it right here (right-click "Save Target As"): DIVX version, 85 megs, Quicktime version, 47megs
I also updated my CV, which has been kind of outdated.
Sep. 11th `04 Updated mz_OrthoCam.mel, a script that creates and looks through a camera that is aligned to the axes of the selected object, much like the ortho viewports in good old Softimage3D.
Aug. 28th `04 Updated mz_LockHide.mel, a nice little script to lock and set keyable states for channel box attrs and default attributes. As always, find it in the tools section.
Aug. 28th `04 I didn't have much time to update my website for quite some time now. I've been very busy with the projects I'm involved with at Filmakademie as well as external projects. Yesterday I finished work on the first version of mz_Grab, a script that allows for fast and easy grab animation, such as characters picking up, dropping or exchanging things. Even though I cannot make the time to update my site or reel at the moment I thought it would be still nice to share the script. Grab it in my tools section. And don't forget to send me your feedback :) I hope you enjoy the script!
Mar. 3rd `04 Finally got around to updating Puppet Master, the autorigger I developed for Maya. Puppet Master now runs on all Maya versions (4.5 and up) and FK for arms has been added among other things, that have been fixed. Check it out in my tools section!
Oct. 12th `03 Added mel scripts to tools section
Oct. 10th `03 New website is finally up and running.